Ours is a year-round program. Our regular preschool program runs from April through March, with summer camp available from May mid till the beginning of June. Our hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
We offer a Parent Orientation in the month of April and August.


Commencement of session is in the month of April. However, play group admissions are open throughout the year.
Parents to come to the admission office and collect the registration kit. A completed application form along with the cheque for 1st term fees is to be submitted by the parents to the school office. The student will only be considered a confirmed admission once the first term fees is paid. For a detailed process see the section Admission under the Parents Menu.
Course Age
Playgroup 1 and a half years
Pre Nursery 2 and a half years
Nursery 3 and a half years
Kindergarten 4 and a half years
Classrooms are divided into age groupings. We try to maintain a gender balance in each group and maintain a specific balance of children with special needs in our classrooms. Student teacher ratio is 16:1.
The child must be 8 months or older.


All the rooms are air conditioned; a projector room; a voluminous colorful child friendly book room; a clean kitchen which serves home-made nutritious food; spacious beautiful dormitory with inviting tiny beds, a splash pool, sand pit and an amphitheater. For a detailed list see the section Facilities under the Parents Menu.
The school offers after school stay back facilities and day care facilities
We provide your child with a nutritious mid-morning snacks and afternoon meal. In case the child stays till late evening, then the evening snacks are also offered to the child.


We offer transportation facility, but this service is at the discretion of the Play School management in a given location. Please check the availability of this service.
If someone else is picking up your child, you must inform school in writing or in person. Send us a note detailing your plans, including the name of the person you are authorizing to pick-up your child and the date of its effectiveness. Please inform any escorts that we will check picture IDs to ensure they are authorized to pick-up your child. We cannot accept telephone authorizations. We will not send a child home with someone we do not know. Please introduce us to anyone who may be in to pick-up your child.


No. We understand that most two-year olds are not yet toilet trained. When your child is ready, we work closely with the parent and child to toilet train the child in a consistent, calming, encouraging manner. The parent and school should follow a consistent and similar schedule, or the child’s training will be erratic.
If your child becomes ill at school, the classroom teacher will separate the child from the group and make him/her comfortable on a bed while we notify you to pick him/her up. Please keep your emergency contact numbers updated so that you may respond as quickly as possible to the needs of your child. Children may return to the program after being symptom and fever free for 24 hours.
We offer rest time each afternoon. We have bunk beds for all children with the expectation that they will use the time to rest. As the children get older, they are invited to participate in other quiet activities if they no longer need a nap.
We welcome and encourage parental involvement in a variety of ways. We host family activities throughout the year. These events are a great opportunity to get to know other families at the Preschool and to see your child in action with their school friends. We have a Diwali party/Grandparents Day, Show and Tell Sports day and Form Morning. We offer these at different times of the session. Parents are always welcome for birthday celebration of the child or simply for visits. Please make arrangements for celebrations with your child’s teacher. We also invite parents to share their talents, occupations or hobbies with us.